Sarah has wide experience of regulatory law. She has detailed knowledge of noise nuisance and noise abatement issues, and regularly works with acoustic experts across all her fields of expertises.

Sarah is experienced in health & safety; age restricted products; trading standards issues; counterfeit and illegal products; trademarks issues, and is regularly instructed on behalf of Trading Standards.

Sarah is also experienced in disciplinary proceedings, in professional and local authority regulation, including all types of code of conduct work. Sarah has detailed knowledge of environmental matters, including protected species.

Sarah also works in the field of Special Educational Needs.


Sarah has been an accredited mediator since 2011, having trained with the London School of Mediation. She is a strong supporter of mediated outcomes to conflict, and particularly interested in the application of mediation to her specialist areas of practice.

Sarah’s experience of mediation is broad, including commercial, community and workplace, making her adaptable and effective in a variety of environments. She has detailed experience of mediation in the context of licensing, commercial, family conflict, education and special educational needs.


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