Sarah is one of the leading barristers in the country in Licensing; providing advice and representation to Licensees, Local Government, PubCos, Residents, and the Police.

Her views on this modern area of law are widely respected. Sarah is Chair of the West Midlands Region of the Institute of Licensing, and is the Chair of the Management & Development Committee of the Institute. She sits on the Board of Directors. She has been involved in some of the most important cases to emerge in the last decade, and is a pioneer for some of the key principles in the current licensing regime. Sarah has been involved in challenging the Home Office and Police forces in Judicial Review proceedings in order to settle statutory interpretation of the Licensing Act 2003. She is nationally recognised as an expert in this field.

Sarah brings a particular edge in advocacy to her regulatory work, born of her long experience in criminal courts. She prosecuted to the highest level as a Grade 4 Prosecutor, in the most serious cases in the Crown Court. She is a formidable advocate. Sarah has extensive experience over nineteen years of appearing before courts, committees and tribunals of every description.

Sarah has an established High Court practice, and is experienced in public law matters. She regularly deals with cases stated to the High Court from the Magistrates; Planning appeals to the High Court, and claims for Judicial Review, across all her practice areas, including obtaining emergency injunctions and other interim relief.

Sarah is a Public Access Barrister.


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