House of Lords Select Committee Report
Specialist Adviser, Paragraph 12 acknowledgements

“During the course of our inquiry we have been fortunate to have as our specialist adviser Sarah Clover. She is a barrister whose encyclopaedic knowledge of licensing, planning and regulatory law has been invaluable to us. We are most grateful to her for her exceptional contribution to our work.”

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

“Over the last few years Sarah has become a “go to” barrister for the firm on a wide-range of licensing and associated regulatory issues.

From an Instructing Solicitor’s perspective it is important to be able to obtain prompt advice and assistance so as to minimise the time taken to relay it back to the ultimate client. Despite having a very busy practice, Sarah will always take the time to respond as quickly as possible either providing the advice sought or a very clear timescale on doing so. Her written Advices are clear and compelling and have often led to success in avoiding unnecessary and expensive court hearings.

A particular strength of Sarah’s is her ability to identify weaknesses in police incident logs which often form the basis of a review application.

Should the need arise Sarah is always up for the fight and can be devastating in cross-examination.

Her sense of humour and charisma are also useful tools in dealing with courts, committees and clients alike.”

Graeme Cushion, Partner
Health & Safety / Regulatory, Poppleston Allen

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

“Having worked with Sarah on a number of cases I have found her to be professional, pragmatic in her advice, and an outstanding advocate. She reads the situation well instantly understanding the core issues not only in legal terms but in real terms for the client. Sarah is bright, sharp and is a delight to work with”

Clare Eames
(Poppleston Allen)

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

“Sarah. An exceptional talent and a barrister of choice for our practice.”

John Gaunt, Solicitor, Sheffield

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

“I cannot recommend Sarah too highly – she has that rare combination of skills in Counsel of being not only excellent in her knowledge of the law, clarity of advice and advocacy skills but also being extremely approachable and easy to relate to. Clients find her particularly easy to get on with – always a bonus for us.
She also tells me she has a great singing voice!”

Peter Adkins: Dispute Resolution lawyer & Licensing specialist

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

“Sarah is a barrister with a reputation for being fearless. She is first-rate at everything she does and is a tough opponent to say the least. Having said this, Sarah is very personable and always puts my clients at ease. However, you would only want her on your side. I have instructed Sarah on licensing and planning cases where sometimes it seems there is no hope but we have always come out on top. I would recommend Sarah to any company or individual who has a licensing or a planning dispute. She gets results!”

Andrea Forrest – Principal Solicitor Forrest Solicitors

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

“Sarah Clover is an excellent licensing lawyer who combines a friendly approach with a detailed technical knowledge of the law to make it easy for clients and more particularly councils and magistrates to understand. Sarah and I are professional colleagues – she appears for clients who oppose me and I instruct her for my own clients. I have no hesitation recommending her as an excellent lawyer who delivers value for money.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value”

Stephen Thomas, Solicitor Advocate, Stephen Thomas Law

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

“I’ve worked with Sarah, providing acoustic expert witness services, since 2005 and continue to be impressed with her ability to grasp the important point of a technical argument and then deliver it in a highly convincing manner. I always thank my lucky stars that she is on my side, and very much enjoy working with her on both Licensing and Planning cases. She is an outstanding Barrister, and in truth the best I’ve worked with in 18 years of giving evidence.”

Peter Rogers, Sustainable Acoustics

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

Sarah has excellent knowledge of the Licensing Act 2003. She is great to work with and has great results to her name. Nothing is too much trouble and she often replies to emails later than I do! She is extremely approachable and was a great find. I have some happy clients now thanks to the assistance of Sarah.”

Michael Kheng – Director of Kurnia Licensing Consultants Limited
Pilot at Kurnia Aerial Photography & Videography

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

“Sarah is a great attorney. I’d recommend her to anyone. She’s charming, unfussy and direct to deal with; masters a brief rapidly; and is an awesome advocate. Barristers don’t get any better than that.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Marco Kapp – Director, Citicus Limited

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

“I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah. Totally professional, detailed knowledge of law, 110% effort, 110% focused, skilled at cross examination (pleasure to watch and relief not to be on receiving end). I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah and the success of our results included full costs award.”

Lucy Binnie, Consultant, Land & Mineral Management Ltd

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

“Sarah Clover is an exceptionally skilled Barrister in her chosen fields of expertise. Sarah is approachable, friendly and from the outset provides her client with great insight into and understanding of the legal issues to be successfully addressed. I have been hugely impressed with Sarah on each occasion she has represented me. From my personal experience as a client on a number of occasions I can truly say, Sarah Clover always delivers best advice and always acts in the very best interests of her client.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”

Gerry Cott – Owner at A-Z Animal & A-Z Dogs

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

“Sarah is first choice for a lot of our clients and always my first recommendation for the others. I was asked once by a client what would I like to have been had I had my time again and I simply said ‘Sarah Clover’ (honest !!) I always enjoy watching her in action – she has a special ‘presence’ in a hearing that very few advocates have – people listen when she speaks. She takes no nonsense – so making sure that her client gets heard even when before ‘difficult’ committees/courts. If I personally ever needed anyone to fight my legal corner Sarah would be my choice.”

Carol Ashton Legal PA / Administrator

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

We have been dealing with the barristers at Kings Chambers for almost a year.

Our instructions were for a planning appeal and listed building application appeal for a very important Grade II listed Mill.

We instructed Barrister Sarah Clover. Two of our directors had an initial conference with Sarah Clover, one of them returned to me certain that Sarah was the Barrister for us and communicated that I would like her. It became apparent very quickly what the Director meant when I met Sarah. Sarah Clover is a unique Barrister who not only has a sense of humour but her strong professional confident nature, her feistiness and unquestionable planning knowledge/expertise just shone through.

We entered the planning hearing with complete confidence. As expected Sarah Clover proved to be a formidable opponent for the Local Planning Authority and a force to be reckoned with having assassinated each argument one by one. Whilst demonstrating her professionalism and expertise, Sarah was thoroughly entertaining in the way she worked. Sarah proved to be extremely committed to getting the job done and will do what it takes. This was demonstrated by Sarah when she worked early hours into the morning, and then was up and ready early the following morning prepared for battle.

Sarah Clover is one exceptional and impressive Barrister, she left us safe in the knowledge that we had given ourselves the very best chance of success by having her as part of our team. We have no hesitation in recommending her.

Kings Chambers are easily accessible, very welcoming and professional.

The only way perhaps the set may improve is offer visitors a selection of sandwiches to go with their lovely coffee, complimentary pens and pads 😉 joke!

Our experience has been a very good one, and we believe that Kings Chambers, Birmingham deserves a prestigious reputation.

Rosemin Hussain – Galgate Mill

Sarah Clover – Kings Chambers

Sarah is a lady to be respected no matter on which side of the fence you are sat, but one to be feared if you are on the wrong side. Highly recommended.”

Gary Oates. Client